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Chad Cardiff

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Chad Cardiff is a “serial entrepreneur” who has built many businesses from the ground up. From farm herd management software to phone repair shops, he has had his hands in a lot of different pots. His biggest success has been the creation of AnyCard, a SaaS platform that allows businesses to sell e-gift cards online. Since Chad was just a little boy, he has had an eye for opportunity. From building his first “mock” business (a lemonade stand) from the time he could talk and walk to starting, and continuing, to grow his first “real” business (web software consulting) at the age of 12. These days, Chad mostly focuses on keeping AnyCard running. He also continues to provide web software consulting services for companies across North America. Chad lives in rural Saskatchewan (Canada) and loves modern day agriculture and technology.

My Product:

AnyCard’s main platform revolves around the ability for businesses to sell e-gift cards to their customers online.

Secondary to that, AnyCard also provides additional features which help grow gift card sales, manage promotional campaigns, manage digital contests as well as promote their “brick and mortar” business in a new and exciting way.

One of our many taglines include: “bringing online sales back to the neighborhood”

Passions & Qwirks:

Carpentry (DIY). It sounds a bit odd, I know, but software is similar to carpentry. You get to build something from scratch.

New ideas/products. I love to hear about the “up and coming”. Never settle.

Helping people. I have the INFP personality type (“The Mediator”), so helping make people’s lives better comes naturally.

Questions I Like To Answer:

Anything related to product development. This includes both hardware and software. Though I have more of a passion for software.

Anything related to software team development. I’ve grown development teams from scratch.

Anything related to validation. I love validation. Without it you can’t generate sales. Validate, validate, validate.

Anything related to systems. I also love systems. Systems allow you to control your workflow. This is one of the many tricks I have up my sleeve to manage so many businesses at once.

Questions You Better Not Ask:

Anything related to de-moralizing the sales process. I believe sales should be practical and truthful, not boastful and fake!

Troy Lavinia

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Troy founded Mosaic Research Management in June 2010 and currently serves as the company’s CEO.  Prior to founding Mosaic, Troy was a proprietary research analyst at Elliott Management Corp, a multi-strategy hedge fund based in New York.  Troy received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. When away from the office, Troy enjoys working out, meditating, listening to audio books, discussing business with friends, and spending time with his wife, son and daughter near their home in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

My Product:

Expert Network Services – Mosaic Advisors is a recruiting platform developed to connect industry experts and executives with investment analysts and other researchers.

Software – MosaicRM Software is a platform for fund managers to help them streamline their internal proprietary research capabilities. The platform spans the investment, compliance, and finance/operations teams, and allows clients to focus on their highest impact areas. The result: our clients can quickly improve their proprietary research systems and do faster, safer fundamental research.

Passions & Qwirks:

Love reading and listening about nutrition, fitness, and business.

Anger management graduate.

Love hanging with my wife and kids (really).

Have put my spirituality first for the past two years, and it’s been magical.

Questions I Like To Answer:

Anything related to hacking together a new business.

Anything related to daily routines.

Anything related to practical spirituality.

Questions You Better Not Ask:

Ask me anything.

Cris Urzua

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Cris Urzua is the founder of MAS Academy, an online education platform for high performance executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. For 10 years Cris worked as a sales & marketing manager for hotel brands such as Westin, Marriott, Ritz Carlton and such and he managed to combine this “white glove” level of service with a sales approach that will get you a “YES” right now from any prospect, this methodology is called SellingThroughService. He runs a team of over 16 people, leaves in Cancún México and loves sales, marketing, Seinfeld quotes and mexican food.

My Product:

MAS Academy has different online programs and trainings such as:

SellingThroughService: Teaching the world how to sell and serve at the same time.

DesdeCero: Digital Entrepreneurship training for the hispanic market.

INSPIRE mentorship: One year intensive mentorship on sales, marketing and service.

Passions & Qwirks:

Ultra passionate about my wife, Laura, <3

Dogs. They’re awesome, specially rescued ones.

Nerd: Extremely organized & passionate about checklists (yup, sounds weird right?).

Questions I Like To Answer:

Anything related to product launches, automated funnels and webinars.

Anything related to sales (objection handling, body language, closes, etc.)

Anything related to sales teams (phone selling, email selling, management, etc.)

Questions You Better Not Ask:

How can I make money online? (or any other generic question, the more specific you are the more I can help you guys!) – But other than that: ASK AWAY!

Geordie Wardman

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International guy currently living in Verbier, Switzerland. 16th generation Bermudian, ex smoke jumper (jumping out of planes to fight forest fires), ex techie, sometimes successful entrepreneur, investor and passionate about finance, fx and crypto.

Product: – Amazon eco biz, replacing plastics with biodegradables and donating monthly to ocean cleanup project – currently looking to take this back over from my partners after having left it for 3 years – Mexican Hotel wifi business I sold – organic sea salt company sold in 2016 – Bermuda shorts company sold in 2008

Passions & Qwirks:

#1 passion is family, father, husband of two boys. Travel, active sports like surfing, skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking. History, finance, and entrepreneurialism

Secretly want to grow a full curl mustache, but my wife won’t let me. I try every Movember, but only make it about 80% of the way.

Questions I Like To Answer:

What if we did this…

You can’t do that…

How do I find my why?

What can I do in my life that is truly EPIC…(something worthy of writing a book about)

Questions You Better Not Ask:

How can I make an extra $1000 per month?

How can I work and travel around the world? Don’t ask, just do…

Matej Leban

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Software geek turned entrepreneur, built 4 businesses, mentored 300+ entrepreneurs like you.


Passions & Qwirks:

I love:

– figuring out things that other people find hard (like sales, meditation, chess)

– connecting people

– solving business challenges

– reading biographies of famous people

Questions I Like To Answer:

Anything technical i.e. Is this idea technically feasible? Which tech stack should I use? Where/how do I find a reliable software developer?

Anything about mindset i.e. How do I improve X? Am I good enough? (pro-tip: yes you are)

Should I do X or Y?

What’s the best book to learn about X?  

Questions You Better Not Ask:

Everything goes but … stick to 5 sentences + 1 question

try to change a “why” question to a “how” question

Amar Ghose

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Did sales (poorly) for tech startups before starting ZenMaid with a friend. Quite the journey this has been, I went from being a poor salesman to learning sales, marketing, support, team building, literally everything that ZenMaid does outside of product.

Left the US in 2015 to travel the world and haven’t looked back. Currently in Poland with my gf Aga who is also from the Foundation (thanks Dane) but you can normally find me in Thailand or the US twice a year


Passions & Qwirks:

Futbol. My life goal is to buy a club in Europe and get them to the Champions League. Just need to get my hands on some oil money.

Questions I Like To Answer:

Mindset, communication in general, sales, marketing, messaging, team building, working with technical people without pissing them off like most non-tech founders (took me awhile to learn)

Questions You Better Not Ask:

Why the sky is blue

Rene Kuhlmann

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My main goal when I joined the Foundation was to generate passive income so I could spend my time on writing music and traveling. While going through the Foundation I discovered that I also really enjoy to build businesses so my biggest challenge right now is to combine all three.

The two products I’ve built gave me the freedom I was looking for but I’ve also learned that in the long run it’s incredibly important to have a product that lies close to you. That’s why I’m now working on a third product that will do just that.

I think I can add a lot of value to your Foundation process especially because I’m not light years ahead. I know how it feels to start from nothing without money or a network. Not too long ago I went through all the struggles that come with building a business so I hope I can relate to your situation and help you through the first hard parts.

Product: – A clean and simple digital signing solution – We explain your message with beautiful short animation movies

Passions & Qwirks:

I think the word ‘passion’ is overrated, but producing music would be one of them. Another one is eating tons of Tony Chocolonely.

Questions I Like To Answer:

How to deal with limiting beliefs

What will prevent me from quitting when things aren’t going as smooth as I planned

How to effectively fill my calendar with I.E. calls

How to structure an idea extraction call

How to ask for a pre-sale when it feels like a ridiculous question

Questions You Better Not Ask:

Should I build this product without actual pre-sales…

Anything technical, I leave the technical questions to the developers

Dane Maxwell

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Driving my parents crazy asking questions, relentlessly bullied, hid behind a computer, read books, built 16 business ideas, chased girls, and now plays in business and music.


Passions & Qwirks:

Working until exhaustion, LOL. Playing with friends. Being better than my friends at everything in my mind, but losing at a lot of things. Singing is the most challenging and liberating thing I do.

Questions I Like To Answer:

How do I become a better human at this?

How can I take full responsibility for this situation?

What’s the best process or piece of content to help me do X?

What might I be hiding from right now?

Questions You Better Not Ask:

How to find ideas (read the content)

How I got my start (listen to a podcast)

Everything else is fair game 🙂